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K. A. Wisniewski is a PhD Candidate in the Language, Literacy, and Culture Program at the University of Maryland Baltimore County.  A literary critic and historian of early American media, he holds a range of interests including American literature and literary theory, the history of the book, film and television, comedy and satire, and publishing and digital scholarship. 

MD By Mail is a side-project that allows him to gasp for air between breaks from his dissertation and another opportunity that offers him the chance to consider the role of archives, open access, and visual design  in writing, to share his interests and collections, and to occasionally get out of the library and classroom.

The editor of The Comedy of Dave Chappelle: Critical Essays, his essays and reviews have appeared in The Maryland Historical Magazine, Genre, The Journal of the Early Republic, Civil War History, Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, and Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures (among other journals) and anthologies including Kidding Around: The Child in Film and Media and The Stewart/Colbert Effect: Essays on the Real Impacts of Fake News His poetry, creative essays, and translations have also appeared in over a dozen national and international publications.  Wisniewski is a past Lord Baltimore Fellow at the Maryland Historical Society and Fellow at the American Printing History Association and is currently a Residential Fellow at The Dresher Center for the Humanities at UMBC.  In addition, he is the founder of The Francis Hopkinson Society and an editor of Ulmer's Textshop, companion website to the Electracy: Gregory L. Ulmer’s Textshop Experiments, edited by Greg Ulmer, Craig Saper, and Victor J. Vitanza.

His fascination with architecture was fostered by working under James D. Dilts as a researcher and editorial assistant for the first publications of the Baltimore Architecture Foundation.  A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and University of Baltimore, he has taught literature, composition, and history at a number of institutions in the Mid-Atlantic including Stevenson University, Widener University, and Cecil College.  As MD By Mail is being completed, he is finishing his dissertation and working on the first biography of Mary Katharine Goddard, one of the most prominent women printers in early America and the first American postmistress, a position she served while producing The Maryland Journal from her Baltimore print shop.  

More information my be found on his website: kawisniewski.com.  He welcomes comments, corrections, questions, and collaborations in related projects and may be contacted through the Contact page on this site.